Vehicle Detection – Que Trailer

Operating CriteriaNewQueue_01C_FINAL

The Queue Detection System collects and processes traffic data as programmed within the software provided with the sensor. This data can then be transmitted over a digital cellular network to both access and store the respective data remotely. The remote monitoring and data collection offers the user the ability to place the Queue Detection System in areas that would require wireless communication versus an AC powered system. With the use of both solar power and deep cycle batteries the Queue Detection system provides a self contained, completely autonomous solution to traffic monitoring needs.



  • Industrial grade trailer to give years of dependable service
  • Microwave detection reliably detects up to 8 lanes of traffic
  • Provide data including speed, volume and occupancy
  • Available as a portable unit or permanent mount
  • Adjustable solar array for maximum exposure to sun
  • Removeable tongue
  • Optional digital cellular communications
  • Battery bank sized for 30-day autonomy